Beautiful Krabi is a Dream Travel Destination

Krabi is a beautiful coastal province in southern Thailand, found nestled along the Andaman coastline that covers an expansive 1,818 square miles and has a population of approximately 450,000 inhabitants. 

Krabi’s beautiful sandy beaches and incredible nature spots include many tropical jungles, mangroves and dense hardwood forests which are all adorned by its iconic limestone cliffs, there’s certainly no wonder why Krabi is one of the most highly regarded 'must see' places in the whole of Southeast Asia. 

The temperature in Krabi is typically always pleasant, and averages around 32c (86f) with evening lows of 22c (72f). There are only two distinct seasons in Krabi - Summer season and the rainy monsoon season which is during June to November. The monsoons make Krabi soak in the moisture and rejuvenate the vibrant green, tropical jungles with their strong rains and dramatic intermittent thunderstorms. After the monsoon period finishes in November, the weather will be much dryer and you will see hardly any rain at all with weeks of bright blue, clear skies every single day, and a beautiful refreshing sea that is thriving with marine wildlife and warm to the touch.

Staying in Krabi

Throughout the province, there are many great places to stay. Krabi is definitely a place you will want to spend more than a night in! While there are relatively cheap and affordable hotels, there are also many luxury hotels and resorts to be found in Krabi

One prominent choice is Dusit Thani Krabi which is one of the most highly recommended hotels as it has a private beach, and is ideally suited for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Dusit Thani Krabi is a large 5-star beach resort with 240 guest rooms. The resort grounds have two beautiful beachfront pools that are perfect for kicking back and relaxing under its pristine white poolside canopies, or going for a swim and feeling the sea breeze cool you down, whilst relaxing on its private beach’s sun loungers under dappled light, reading and chatting in the cooler shade of its abundant coconut trees and palms.

Additionally on site there is a spa, and a selection of restaurants serving up delicious gourmet Thai food, plus a tropical garden for taking a blissful evening stroll in, all of which make it an ideal retreat for both families and business people alike.

Besides this, the Tubkaak Krabi boutique resort is also one of our highly recommended resorts, and has won an award for its outstanding environmentally friendly design and also as the best romance resort in Krabi. 

Lastly the Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Krabi which are found located at Phi long bay, feature views of the sheer vertical limestone cliffs as an ornate backdrop completed with beautiful contemporary Thai decorations.  

Learning the Lay of the Land

There really are so many famous places in Krabi that you are spoiled for choice. On mainland Krabi, Ao Nang offers plenty of beaches and bars, and also provides tours and excursions, while near-by Railey beach has been voted the best beach in the whole of Krabi

The beaches of Krabi are all extremely clean and pleasing to the eye, with their white sand and crystal clear emerald tinted waters. After you’ve returned from sunbathing and swimming for your evening meal, you can also enjoy shopping at the Krabi night market which is also very interesting and an exceptionally big one (even by Thai standards!) 

For nature lovers especially, the deep emerald colored pond in Thung Teao Forest National Park is absolutely stunning, with a mud pond so aerated that it will have foam bubbles frothing up after you just merely clap your hands together a few times! Another natural wonder also worth checking out is Krabi’s shell cemetery, which is one of the oldest places to visit in Krabi, dating back to more than 40 million years ago featuring a stretch of fossilized shells from the Jurassic period which are set into the limestone! 

When you wish to rejuvenate and relax during your time in Krabi you must visit the Klong Thom hot springs which have beautiful, free flowing water and unique naturally shiny rocks due to the years of natural erosion, the warm water is believed to possess certain healing properties for curing skin diseases and rejuvenating your appearance - it’s pretty much a fountain of youth! 

Nearby to Klong Thom is the Tiger Cave Temple, located a few minutes away from the city center of Krabi and with it’s 1200 steps climb up the mountain side, it rewards those who make the effort with breathtakingly stunning panoramic views of Krabi, it’s a location that’s ideal for photographers and adventurers alike.

Incredibly besides all of these wonderful locations, Krabi still has much more tourist attractions for you to visit, we consider these to be exceptionally amazing and are the truly unseen Thailand set far away from the beaten tourist track, one such location is the separated sea (Thelae Weak) which is a natural wonder that has formed in such a way that you can walk through 3 islands during a low tide! 

Onwards to the Islands!

Also in Krabi are the world famous Phi Phi islands, which have now become the most sought-after travel destinations in the whole of Krabi province. There are plenty of things to see in Phi Phi. 

The most famous destination found here is arguably Maya Bay, which was made known world over after the blockbuster hit “The Beach” that was shot here in 1999 directed by Danny Boyle and featured Leonardo DiCaprio in its starring role.

Phi Phi has certainly been developed quite somewhat since the success of the movie all those years ago, and there are now plenty of beach bars, clubs and restaurants to be found nestled away amongst its tropical jungle, white beaches and gigantic boulders. 

Now unfortunately the ecosystem was destroyed by the disturbance of millions of tourists flocking to the area, and so Phi Phi National Park decided to intervene and to temporarily close Maya Bay to recover the natural ecology, meaning that you cannot visit the area currently - although hopefully in the future it will reopen for short periods at a time, once the wildlife has fully recovered to its previous glory.

If you prefer a bit more of a calming island hopping experience, away from tourist nightlife then Koh Lanta (which is much larger than Phi Phi) has to be on your itinerary, Koh Lanta has a bit of a reputation for a laid back hippy lifestyle and once you visit, you will see the true meaning of being naturally chilled out.

Out in Koh Lanta time moves at a different pace and you can be completely relaxed, you can unwind here and take a long siestas, and enjoy the unspoilt horizons. Although don’t worry about it being so relaxed that there’s nothing going on at all! There are still small nightlife venues, great restaurants serving up locally caught fish, and small bars for cocktails or refreshments. This is perfect for when you need to come back to civilization for a bit, before you find yourself heading back off to the warm waters, and sandy beaches again! 

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