Naka Island

Naka Island is just off the northeast coast of Phuket. Here you will find two islands, Koh Naka Yai (Big) and Koh Naka Noi (Little). Naka Yai is quite large but rather unknown and still really undeveloped, despite its proximity to the coast of Phuket, there is still no electricity on the island apart from some private generators! If you like being surrounded by unspoilt nature then this is certainly the destination for you.

Koh Naka Noi is best known for its pearl farm. Several of the day trip boats regularly stop by here for a tour of the farm, and there is also a shop that sells the pearls! Naka Island is also a great stop over location when cruising to Krabi, Phang Nga or Phi Phi for a brief rest and look around during your voyage.