Phang-Nga Bay

Phang-Nga Bay is really a “must see” location. It is situated between the Malay Peninsula’s mainland and Phuket. Modern culture has turned Phang-Nga into an iconic location for movie buffs around the world.

There is a very high chance you have already seen the area without knowing it's name as it has become the most famous island in the bay due in part to its memorable roles in a couple blockbuster movies. Both Star Wars and James Bond have used this location! James Bond Island got its name from its role in 'The Man With the Golden Gun' there are really very few places in the world with a landscape like Phang-Nga Bay. The immense near vertical limestone cliffs that jut out of the sea, and tower over everything in the bay are really the main attraction here.

Many people will have looked down on Panyi village seemingly floating in the magical bay and wondered what it is like to live there. Here you can take a look and discover the true meaning of the phrase ‘a simple life’. The island is huge, with its jagged, almost vertical limestone cliffs. There are hundreds of huts, shacks, restaurants and houses here where the indigenous villagers live which are all built on stilts over the surrounding shallow sea. No one seems quite sure how many wooden and concrete piles hold up this extraordinary community, but it is certainly a fascinating and unique feat of informal engineering, it's almost like a smaller more rudimental and tropical version of Venice (with the iconic Thai long-tail boats in place of gondolas!)

In addition to Hollywood’s touch, and the natural beauty found abundately in Phang Nga Bay, the area is also well-known for numerous diverse cultures that co-exist in the local communities. These people harvest Nypa palm fronds to use in thatching, practice fishing, and play host to the many tourists who are drawn to the bay each year.

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