Krabi Island

Krabi Island is located in south west of Thailand. With it's coast facing the Andaman Sea. There are over 80 smaller islands nearby such as Koh Lanta and Phi Phi, that are well-known to adventures, yachtsmen, scuba-divers, snorkelers, and day-trippers from Phuket. A little further down south, you can find Poda, Chicken Island and also Thalae Waek (which means separated sea in Thai) these are really an unseen spot in Thailand and very exclusive! Also close by is Hong island which is also another great place to go swimming and snorkeling with very clean waters and lots of aquatic wildlife.

The largest island in the Krabi area is Koh Lanta Yai, which is the site of the national park's headquarters and is also home to the “Chao Le”, or sea gipsies, an indigenous group who sustain themselves largely through fishing the local waters. For activities we recommend going Kayaking, Sailing, Bird watching, or Snorkeling in this area!

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