Lanta Island

Lanta Island is in the Andaman Sea located between Krabi and Trang by a distance of approximately 80 kilometers to the south of Krabi. The Lanta islands consist of 2 large islands, which are Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi. There are also many small islands found nearby. 

Many tourist attractions are located at Lanta Yai and there is a pier that takes tourists to travel to various places in the Thai Andaman Sea, including Phi Phi Island, Phuket Island, Trang Sea, Rok island and Hin Muang-Hin Daeng diving point.

The tourist attraction of Lanta island is mainly on the west coast which has beaches stretched along the entire island. Each beach has been developed to be a suitable tourist destination with various facilities for tourists such as resorts, bungalows, internet shops, mini-marts, restaurants and bars. The tranquility of Lanta island fascinates tourists and therefore, the reputation of Lanta islands has become well known throughout the world as a premium holiday destination.

Popular tourist attractions of Lanta island:

Lanta Old Town

Lanta Old Town is a hundreds of years old fishing community that people live together in a mixed of ethnicity and communities such as Thai Buddhists, Thai Chinese and Thai Muslims. The original community of Lanta island is the new Thai community which is living together and being harmonious. 

Whilst here you really must rent a motorcycle and ride along to the village to explore the way of life for the local community, and learn its diverse cultures and nuances. Along both sides of the Lanta old town community you will find small streets that are all lined with traditional houses which still follow the old style of architecture and archaic urban planning. There is also a thriving indigenous community in Koh Lanta of sea gypsies which have a village located on the east side of the island where you can find locals running shops selling freshly caught seafood, dry food and souvenirs from Lanta island.

Khao Mai Kaew Cave

Khao Mai Kaew Cave is located in the heart of the rainforest of Lanta island, around 3km from the coast. The main cave consists of dozens of beautiful smaller caves, such as Petch Cave, Deep Cave, Tunnel Cave and Nam Lod Cave. At the entrance to the main cave, there is an idyllic, small waterfall called Ton Mai Kaew.

Lanta Island Community Museum

The museum was founded by Lanta Island Community Revitalization Network on December 9, 2007 with the cooperation of the villagers, the community saw the value of their roots and culture. Here you can inherit the local lore, and learn their story, history, wisdom, traditions and way of life that has been passed down to each generation offspring for eons. 

As well as being an ecotourism tourist attraction in the community, for travellers who are interested in being able to study and understand cultural diversity - it is now a museum that displays the traditional way of life of the Koh Lanta community, such as the daily necessities including the traditional styles of working desks and antique phones and their ancient typewriters, there are also many old photographs that help you picture how it was, and also their original floating boats and musical instruments.

Tanote Cape

Tanote Cape is located on the southern tip of Lanta Yai Island. This area is the boundary of the front of the island and behind Lanta. There is a modest sized hill here which has a lighthouse to signal sailors to safety at night. Near the lighthouse, there is also a large petrified tree to be found lying on the ground.

From this angle you can see the gravel curve of the bay and the white sandy beaches converge together. At the end of the cape, it is the location of Mor Island which is a popular diving spot for deep water and see the corals. In this area of ​​Laem Tanot, there are lodges, camping sites and tents to serve tourists who want to stay on the island. There are also other facilities such as restaurants, bathroom to serve the tourist at Tanote cape.

Ba Kan Tiang Bay

Ba Kan Tiang Bay Is a quiet beach with white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. It’s located in the south of Lanta island and has a rocky beach about 800 meters long, it’s characterized by a curved, semicircular bay. The sand is gravelly with white and gray colors, and when the water recedes, a small line of rounded gravel will appear which will spread into a ring around the beach.

Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach is a white sandy beach about 3 kilometers long. It is a crescent-shaped arch and contains the most densely developed area of resorts and hotels. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscape which is also great for swimming. Also sunbathing and relaxing on the beach are great here as during low tide, ​the sandy beach will spread out much wider as the tide drops and become equal to around a football pitch in size, making it very popular for families and couples to enjoy some fun on the beach!

Phra Ae Beach

Phra Ae Beach or Long Beach is the second beach next to Klong Dao Beach. The beach is about 4 kilometers long and slopes into the sea quiet sharply. Therefore, tourists who want to swim in this beach should be very careful and really exercise caution. During the high season, the wind and waves are not very strong so sunbathing and playing in the sand are suitable here.