Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in South East Asia. It consists of six small islands approximately 46 km South of Phuket. The major islands being Phi Phi Don, which hosts the bohemian town of Phi Phi Island, and Phi Phi Lay which is where Maya Bay can be found, this is the iconic beach featured in the classic Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”.

On Koh Phi Phi Leh you will find the Viking Cave, which is arguably one of the most notable sites on the island. It’s located at the bottom of a tall limestone cliff on the north-eastern side and also allows you to discover one of the most profitable local industries: the hunting / harvesting of swiftlet birds’ nests. These edible birds’ nests are particularly prized in Chinese culture, as they are believed to promote good health and to be specifically good for your skin!

Loh Dalum (Dalum Bay in Thai) is as close to a truly idyllic, exotic tropical paradise as one could imagine! It's located on the north-facing coast of Phi Phi Don Island, opposite the popular Tonsai Bay. Because the land is so narrow, it’s only a 150 meter walk away from Tonsai’s ferry pier although the atmosphere here is remarkably different from that of its busy neighbour.

Pi Leh Bay is one of the most impressive sites on Koh Phi Phi Leh. Pi Ley Bay is known locally and often spelled as Ao Pileh, Pileh Lagoon, Pileh Cove or Pi Ley Cove. To describe its appearance one must picture a canyon, essentially cutting Koh Phi Phi Leh in two, with a distance of approximately 600m from end-to-end, this canyon in the sea creates a long, thin bay that offers really superb snorkelling opportunities!

Pi Leh Bay is framed by sheer vertical 100m tall limestone cliffs that are an iconic feature to the area, for the majority of the time you will be quiet comfortable in cooler / milder temperatures, as it’s in the shade most of the day, except of course between midday from around 11:00 and 13:00 where the sun is directly overhead and the heat certainly picks up, even in the shade! 

Although despite the heat, midday is actually the best time to photograph the outstanding beauty of Pi Leh Bay’s emerald green water due to the clear light that make it an ideal time for taking nature shots through the glass like waters. At some spots, it even seems that the water is lit from the bottom of the sea, making it a spectacular sight to see - as the light reflects back to you providing fantastic natural illumination. You really need to see it for yourself! 

Lastly - if you head over to the western side of Pi Leh Bay you’ll find a few smaller, more secluded beaches at the foot of the cliffs, although most of the boats visiting this area generally stay in the centre of the lagoon this spot is definitely worth a look if you want to anchor near a quiet beach.

Phi Phi Island is well known for its vertical limestone cliffs that rise sharply out of the emerald and turquoise coloured waters, which are accompanied by very clean, white powdery beaches. Its also home to many beautiful coral reefs which offer really top class diving and snorkelling sessions!

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