Things to Do in Phuket

If you’re thinking about tropical adventures with palm trees, a warm sea, and beautiful beaches, then Phuket is the perfect destination for you. The nature in Phuket is idyllic with lush tropical forests, running waterfalls, hot springs and every aspect you’d expect for a paradise island which has become world-famous now with it’s now well established infrastructure, tourist developments, and its international airport. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is surrounded by the Andaman Sea, it's also home to a unique indigenous population called Chao Lay (the Thai Sea Gypsies) and is home to approximately 386,000 people.

Besides from being famous for tourism and of course the beautiful Andaman islands, Phuket’s town is full of history worth exploring, with its quaint little streets joining together the local markets, coffee shops and restaurants all built in Sino-Portuguese architecture, featuring brightly colored masonry and beautiful tropical gardens.

In this guide, we will recommend what to do when you arrive in Phuket for your next adventure!

Island Hopping

Once you land in Phuket there are many types of places to explore and visit, not only the beautiful sandy Phuket beaches but also many bountiful tropical islands are to be found out further across the turquoise waters. If you cruise a little further from the bays of Phuket you will find many unique experiences for your holiday!

For the beach lovers, of course, there are many beautiful beaches on Phuket island, such as Pa Tong beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach, and Kamala Beach. Although if you want to explore the coral reefs, and experience the natural underwater world, you really will enjoy getting aboard one of our yachts and venturing out to the nearby islands and reefs! 

Phi Phi island is the most popular destination for tourists from around the world and has become famous from the Hollywood movie “The Beach” which was filmed in Phi Phi island’s Maya bay back in 1999.

In Phi Phi, you can still enjoy expansive limestone cliff views with an emerald-colored sea just as it was depicted in the movie, despite the actual filming location of Maya Bay now being closed to rejuvenate the natural ecosystem. Besides Phi Phi island, Koh Racha and the Maiton islands are also popular for divers or those who seek out underwater adventures, and have a passion for seeing colorful coral reefs. 

There are also many small islands such as Khai island, Bamboo island and Naka Island where you can enjoy water activities such as jet skiing and fishing - All of which are provided complimentary with all of our charters.

Surfing at Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a glorious beach featuring a large sandy area that has a lot of activities to do for example there’s parachuting, kayaking, fan boarding, swimming, diving and of course enjoying the beautiful tropical sunsets every night.

Although there is lots to do here - what's unique about Kata beach is its great surf. Because of this Kata has become a gathering point for Thai and international surfers alike due to the great waves you can ride here. This area is well known by the surfing community, and as soon as you get near you will start noticing many surfers hanging out on the beach, or out in the water surfing. Many people may not know that Thailand actually does have a decent surfing scene, but that all changes when they visit Kata. 

At Kata beach, you can see some awesome breaks during the monsoon season, which is of course the peak season for surfing in Thailand. During this time the swell will cause waves to sometimes exceed three meters. But do not worry if you’re a rookie or newbie to surfing and want to learn, just head down to the surf house and make a booking with a private tutor, there are also surfboards and wetsuits for rent near the beach too!

If you want to head out surfing the islands with a yacht, we’d love to provide this service for you, just give us an email to discuss your next trip ideas.

See the Plane Landing at “Mai Khao Beach”

This is great for photographers and will give you goosebumps from the thrill also - if you go to the area of ​​Mai Khao beach located behind Phuket airport, you can see the plane landing very closely, and take some great photos or make some incredible shots for your travel vlog. 

If you are going to do this, it’s really important that you make sure you check the wind direction first because the aircraft’s landing will be dependent on the wind direction (the direction must resist the wind) this can be checked from the website for checking the wind direction by downloading the Flightradar24 app or by checking the weather. 

It’s easiest to use the app as it will show the plane schedule in real-time. Besides seeing planes land Mai Khao beach is also very beautiful and relaxed so it’s another place that shouldn’t be missed! 

Wild Dolphin Watching at Maiton Island

Many people may not know that Thailand has a dolphin viewing point, to view wild dolphins you can simply sail a yacht around to Maiton island. Once in the water here, you will find wild dolphins swimming around you. 

They usually live in front of the island, and to the left side of the island. A wild dolphin watching tour on Maiton Island today is not as expensive as it was before, so you really can consider it for your next trip!

Sit Back and Relax in Five Star Resort and Villas

Phuket spoils you for choice with great five star resorts and private villas that all have pools, restaurants, tropical gardens and private beaches that will provide the perfect accommodation for you between yacht charters.

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is located in the area of Laguna Phuket, which means you can enjoy 18 holes of golf besides a private beach. This is one of the best resorts on the Andaman coast, it has 253 rooms and is suitable for the whole family or for couples, group of friends or also for hosting seminars. 

In the Dusit Thani Resort, you have five types of rooms which are the Deluxe Room, Dusit Club Room, Landmark Suite, Dusit Suite and also the Pool Villa. The highlight of the Deluxe Rooms is that there is a large balcony overlooking the beach, where you can enjoy a cool sea breeze.

For the Pool Villa, each villa has 3 floors, with a choice of lakefront or beachfront room on the ground floor with 2 large ensuite bedrooms. On the 2nd floor, there is a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering.

For Dusit Club Room, the specialty of this room is that you can open the back door of the room and walk down to the garden by just a few steps. Most eye-catching and the most enjoyable to play is a large swimming pool. There is a full set of equipment prepared for children, including slides, tunnels, as well as older lifeguards to take care of the safety of the pool users. 

Beside the pool, there is also a Pool Cafe which has a poolside bar for guests to enjoy a beverage whilst cooling down in the water. Looking back from the outdoor pool, you will see the quiet Bangtao beach that’s perfect for enjoying a quiet evening stroll and enjoying the sunset.

Another wonderful resort is the Amari Phuket which features spectacular views of the Andaman Sea from its private beach. Because the hotel building is very long and built parallel to the beachfront, it provides a naturally secluded area due to the large boulders and rocks on either side of the property, that means the public cannot walk through the front of the hotel, making this a very exclusive spot indeed.

The Amari Phuket offers five types of accommodation which are the Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite, One-Bedroom Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite Rooms and Suites all of which are spacious with private balconies. 

Deluxe rooms and Suites offer both shower and baths while all room types feature HD TVs with in-house movies as well as a host of thoughtful amenities and other extra touches. Don’t miss the happy hour from 17:30 - 18:30 hrs where you can enjoy complimentary beers, wines, cocktails, soft drinks and snacks, and also worth noting is that here you can enjoy tea and soft drinks at any time.

There are only a few hotels in Patong Beach which have a pier of their own called "The Jetty". This point is also a spot for guests to practice snorkeling. If you like a unique style of the hotel, we recommend Keemala resort, this highly luxurious villa accommodation is built in a very unique style. Not only is it private and peaceful but you’ll also find the design ideal for a romantic trip and it’s also very comfortable. This resort is suitable for those who want to relax in a natural atmosphere, as it is located on the mountain and you can see the Andaman sea in all its glory from this elevated hillside view.

Keemala Hotel is located in the mountains and surrounded by green forests. Watching the sunset here makes it even more romantic and it’s a great spot for honeymoons or for couples wanting to celebrate their anniversary. This is a new hotel that opened its doors for the first time in October of 2015. 

The Keemala hotel is inspired by tribal designs, making it have a distinctive architecture that reflects the existence of an ancient Phuket tribe. The bird nest villa has a large terrace, accompanied by a expansive swimming pool and complimented by beautiful stone and mosaic bathrooms with large windows that capture the night’s sky, enabling you to bathe in the moonlight and nourish your soul - overall this is a unique building that is really inspired by a bird’s nest with local folklore of horoscopes, and fortune-telling based on the movements of the stars and celestial bodies.

In the Keemala hotel there is a fitness center, health club, restaurant, sauna, spa, lounge & bar and also a car rental service, there's also laundry service and wedding services and the exquisite Mala Spa which is a natural spa where all of the products focus on purely natural ingredients, and there are absolutely no products that use animal testing, or that contain harmful chemicals to be found here.