Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Private Charter 
  1. Payment terms
  • Deposit of 50% of the agreed charter fee on the date of confirmation.
  • Remaining 50% of the agreed charter fee not later than 15 working days before departure.
  • For short-term bookings fewer than 10 days before the departure date, 100% of the agreed charter fee is due prior to commencing the charter.
  • The deposit is non-refundable.

In the event that payment is made by credit card, a 5% surcharge will be applied.

  1. Security Deposit

Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. reserves the right to collect a refundable security deposit before the charter to cover potential repairs for damage caused by the charterer or one of his guests to the yacht, tender, equipment, its captain, and crew, as well as for the loss of belongings and other reasonable damage.

Such compensation and expenses that may be applicable to the CHARTERER shall be deducted from the security deposit or paid for in full no later than 7 days after the captain has given notification to the CHARTERER, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the two parties. Failure to do so will constitute an offense that Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. shall reserve the right to justify in the law courts of Thailand.

The captain of the yacht will be responsible for notifying the CHARTERER and his decision is final.

  1. Cancellation

Should the CHARTERER wish to cancel the booking, the following cancellation fees will apply, unless otherwise stated in the charter contract:

In the event that Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. considers that weather condition to be unsuitable for the charter or encounters other unexpected issues or difficulties that result in not being able to make the vessel available as stated in the charter booking form, we will inform the CHARTERER at the earliest opportunity before the charter. 

The CHARTERER will then be entitled to:

  • Change to a different vessel in a similar or larger size and price (subject to availability) 
  • Change the date of departure.
  • In some cases, claim a full refund of the payment.

In the event of force majeure, Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. cannot be held responsible and therefore advises that the CHARTERER takes personal insurance to cover for these events.

In the event of any delay or cancellation that occurs after the charter has commenced, for any reasons whatsoever, the CHARTERER shall only be entitled to receive all or part of the charter fee in reimbursement calculated on a prorated basis, and such amount shall be the limit to all claims in respect of such delays or cancellations.

  1. Safety

To ensure the highest standard of safety is maintained and practiced, the following should be noted:

Life jackets: Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. will provide enough life jackets for all the CHARTERER guests on board, including adults and children, as per the booking form. 

  • Fire extinguishers: There is a fire extinguisher on board to be used in an emergency only, and customers are requested not to tamper with these.
  • First aid: A standard first aid kit is provided as well as crew and captain trained for first aid and lifesaving skills.
  • Water sports: Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. shall not take any responsibility in any water sports activity, including but not limited to swimming, snorkelling, diving, water-ski, jet-ski, fishing, etc. The customer may engage in that activity solely at their own risk. It is highly recommended that personal insurance is taken to cover these and any other activities.
  • Unsafe weather condition: Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. reserved the right to cancel or make amendments to departure times, dates, itineraries, or any other relevant detail of the charter in the event that it is reasonably deemed that the weather is unsafe for the charter of other adverse conditions may present an unsafe environment for the charter.
  • Authority and responsibility: Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. reserves the right for its captain, crew, and hostess to have full authority to carry out any amendments to the charter considered to be in the interest of safety when the following events or behaviors are displayed, including (but not limited to) inappropriate behavior, illegal substances or actions, excessive intoxication with alcohol, personal health/ medical issues, endangering the safety of others or the yacht, as well as any other reasonable circumstances.

  1. Personal health and medical conditions

It is the responsibility of the CHARTERER to inform a member of Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. before a booking is made, of any personal health issues, allergies, pregnancy, and other medical / health-related conditions. These details should be included in the charter booking form. Furthermore, Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. ultimately reserves the right to decline booking made by the CHARTERER or decline entry on board the vessel, where the company deems that their health conditions are inappropriate for the charter.

  1. Illegal Substances / Items

CHARTERER and guests shall not bring onto the boat any substances, weapons, or any other item that is considered illegal under Thai law. If Thai or international law is violated, Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. shall return the boat to shore immediately, where the authorities will take custody of the offender.

  1. Vessel usage

In addition to the terms of usage stipulated herewith, usage of the vessel, including all details regarding a number of people, shall be exactly as filled in the “Booking Form” only.

Furthermore, the following rules should be adhered to at all times

  • Pets: CHARTERER and guests are prohibited to bring on board any pets or animals without written permission from Hart Voyages Co., Ltd.
  • Smoking: is forbidden in any interior space on board the yacht. Whilst smoking outside, the CHARTERER is requested to take maximum care with the hot cigarette, ashes, and decks of the yacht, using only the ashtrays provided.

    8. Liability

Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. shall ensure that the vessel is insured against all customary risks for a yacht of her size and type. Under normal circumstances, the CHARTERER shall only be liable for costs of losses as may be incurred for repairing damage caused by the CHARTERER or his/her guests (intentionally or otherwise) to the vessel or any third party or each separate accident or occurrence. See clause 2: Security Deposit.

9. Waivers

The CHARTERER waived all claim against Hart Voyages Co., Ltd. their management, staff, agents, and crew members, as well as against the owners of the yacht, in respect of any injury to person or damage to property of the CHARTERER and persons boarding upon the CHARTERER's invitation, arising out of the charter voyage entered into herein in the booking form. For the avoidance of doubt, claims for damages waived shall include both specific and general damages.


10. Governing Law

This Charter Agreement shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with Thai law.



The above terms and conditions have been read, understood, and agreed upon by the charterer when signing a charter booking form.

Please also complete our Charter Passenger List; this is necessary for insurance purposes.